12 Children’s Books by Asian Authors

Asian books by Asian authors for the budding young bibliophile in your life.

Asian books by Asian authors for the budding young bibliophile in your life.

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by The RepresentASIAN Project
December 12, 2023

It goes without saying we’re firm believers that representation matters, especially for Asian children and youth. As individuals who grew up not feeling properly represented in media, we recognize the effects of not feeling seen and how it can impact our cultural and racial identity.

Luckily, times are changing and there is much more accurate Asian representation not only in movies and television shows, but also in books.

So, for this edition of our holiday gift guide, we’ve rounded up some of our fave children’s books by Asian authors. From stories about the power of celebrating your name (even if it’s hard to pronounce) to books exploring various Asian cuisine, here are 12 Asian children’s books for the budding bibliophile in your life.

1. A Very Asian Guide Series

Various Authors and Illustrators

Perfect for the budding young foodie, the Very Asian Guide series bundle includes four beautifully illustrated books exploring Korean, Indian, Vietnamese, and Filipino cuisines. A fantastic choice for young gastronomes, these books are a gateway to exploring diverse cultures and their delectable cuisines. — Nathan Sing

$104. Available at gloobooks.com.

2. ‘Peeled Fruit’

By Xavi de Guzman, Illustrated by Rhoda Domingo

Written by Xavi de Guzman and illustrated by Rhoda Domingo, this moving book touches on the Asian love language: parents peeling fruit for their children. — Madelyn Chung

$27.99. Available at bookbaby.com.

3. ‘We are Golden’

By Alice Tsui

This interactive musical e-book by Alice Tsui addresses emotions, prejudice and how we can use our voice to affirm ourselves and our community. — M.C.

$20. Available at fflat-books.com.

4. ‘Dim Sum Palace’

By X. Fang

This picture book by X. Fang is perfect for dim sum lovers of all ages. Inspired by childhood memories of epic dim sum feasts, this book is a delicious adventure and a loving helping of Asian American food, family and culture. — M.C.

$24.99. Available at indigo.ca.

5. ‘Say My Name’

By Joanna Ho, Illustrated by Khoa Le

Written by Joanna Ho with illustrations by Khoa Le this book is about six children proudly celebrating their heritage and names—and teaches readers the beauty and history that can be in a name. — Rebecca Gao.

$24.99. Available at indigo.ca.

6. ‘Bilala Cooks Daal’

By Aisha Saeed, Illustrated by Annosha Syed

There are few South Asians whose go-to meal isn’t daal, so it’s heartwarming to read along as little Bilal introduces the dish to his diverse friends, and they all learn how to make it together, discovering teamwork and just how much patience a pot of delicious, simmering daal demands. Written with a special wit by Aisha Saeed, Canadian illustrator Annosha Syed contributes charming visuals. — Sadaf Ahsan

$25.99. Available at indigo.ca.

7. Journey with Mei x Joeydolls Storytime Deluxe Bundle feat. ‘I Am Different, I Am Great‘

By Melody Kiang, Illustrated by Jinulz

Written by Melody Kiang, “I Am Different, I Am Great” depicts the second-generation immigrant experience of feeling out of place. The picture book is available in a bundle with an Asian cultural doll from Joeydolls and makes for the perfect gift for kids. — M.C.

$90.88. Available at joeydolls.com.

8. ‘I Am Golden’

By Eva Chen, Illustrated by Sophie Diao

This picture book is a moving ode to the immigrant experience, and a manifesto of self-love for Asian American children. The story is written in the form of a love letter from the protagonist, Mei’s, parents, who are adjusting to life in America and demonstrates how children of immigrants can serve as bridges for their communities. — M.C.

$24.99. Available at kidstories.ca.

9. ‘Endgame: The Secret Force 136’

By Catherine Little, Illustrated by Sean Huang

This picture book masterfully educates young readers not only on Xiangqi (Chinese chess), but also on Force 136: a secret task force made up of Chinese Canadians in WW2 that played a pivotal role in helping Chinese Canadians gain the right to vote. Through this story, readers gain a new perspective on anti-Asian hate endured in the past, and what it means to be Chinese Canadian today. — M.C.

$22.95. Available at plumleafpress.com.

10. ‘A Dupatta Is…’

By Marzieh Abbas, Illustrated by Anu Chouhan

This lyrical picture book is a beautiful celebration of the dupatta, a traditional shawl worn in South Asian cultures.

$24.99. Available at indigo.ca.

11. ‘Amazing: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Who Inspire Us All’

By Maia Sibutani, Alex Sibutani and Dane Liu, Illustrated by Aaliya Jaleel

Written by Olympic ice dancers Alex and Maia Shibutani, this illustrated book highlights the amazing achievements of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders from all walks of life. — R.G.

$25.99. Available at penguinrandomhouse.ca.

12. Baby Go! Book Bundle

Various authors and illustrators

Set little explorers off on a global adventure with the Baby Go! series, where they’ll discover colours, shapes, sounds, and sensory delights from different countries. These fun and educational books – including Baby Go! China, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand – are perfect for introducing young minds to the wonders of the world. — N.S.

$60. Available at gloobooks.com.

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