10 Wellness Products from Asian-Owned Brands to Gift this Holiday Season

Wellness gift ideas from Asian-owned brands that are sure to be a hit, even with the self-care gurus who spend all their time on TikTok.

Wellness gift ideas from Asian-owned brands that are sure to be a hit, even with the self-care gurus who spend all their time on TikTok.

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by The RepresentASIAN Project
December 13, 2023

It can be hard to figure out what to get for everyone on your list—with so many loved ones and so many holiday events to attend, gifting becomes one big chore when it should be a celebration of your loved ones. And, many of us want to make our dollars count by buying from companies and brands that we support.

Luckily for you, our gift guide is full of wellness gift ideas from Asian-owned brands that are sure to be a hit, even with the self-care gurus who spend all their time on TikTok. From soaps inspired by Korean public baths to an ear seeds starter kit, here are 10 gift ideas that’ll pamper the receiver.

1. Happy Natural Products Shower Steamers (Ginger Tangerine Eucalyptus

Founder: Jennifer Uy

Transform your bathroom into a sensory oasis with these natural shower steamers from Happy Natural Products. Simply place 1-2 handmade steamers on the shower floor, run your shower and inhale the aromatherapeutic goodness. — Madelyn Chung

$20. Available at happynaturalproducts.com.

2. Binu Binu Soap House Mini Soap Box Set

Founder: Karen Kim

Binu Binu, founded by Karen Kim, is a soap company inspired by the ritual of Korean public baths. The formulas are based on the ritual of “sehsin”—the vigorously exfoliating treatment done at spas. This box seat includes all six of Binu Binu’s soap varieties. — Rebecca Gao

$60. Available at binu-binu.com.

3. Byredo Le Corps Rose Of No Man’s Land Set

Founder: Ben Gorham

Gift the luxury of a spa day at home with Byredo’s Le Corps gift set, featuring an exquisite body wash and lotion duo in one of five mesmerizing scents: Bal d’Afrique, Blanche, Rose of No Man’s Land, Mojave Ghost, or Gypsy Water. — Nathan Sing

$161. Available at Holt Renfrew.

4. Sahajan Goddess Glow

Founder: Lisa Mattam

With a brightening mask, three hair ties and a bottle of beauty oil, this kit is sure to get your skin glowing thanks to the Ayurvedic formulas used by Sahajan. — R.G.

$147. Available at sahajan.com.

5. Maiya’s Padma Yoga Mat

Founder: Nihaar Sinha

The Padma elevates your average yoga mat into a statement piece, in an Indo-Western style designed in Mumbai by artist Shweta Malhotra. Created by Nihaar Sinha, the brand is meant to reflect mindfulness, self-expression, and authentic cultural representation. — Sadaf Ahsan

$148. Available at livemaiya.com.

6. Bloom Balance Ear Seeds Starter Kit

Founders: Aliya Visram and Sarina Visram

These “acu-on-the-go” ear seeds from bloom balance are perfect for boosting your overall wellness. Designed to aid in the relief of stress, anxiety and physical pain, they’re an easy way to commit to your self-care routine (and they look cool, too!) — M.C.

$45. Available at bloombalance.co.

7. Studio Tanaïs Bay of Bengal 8oz Candle

Founders: Tanaïs and Talysha Moneé

Designed by queer, Black and South Asian duo Tanaïs and Talysha Moneé, Studio Tanaïs is all about adorning your body and space and finding joy and beauty through scent. While their perfumes are to die for, their candle series add a unique aura to your home. Bay of Bengal, specifically, is inspired by “the silvery, salted waters at the longest coastline in the world, in Tanaïs’ motherland, where the great rivers of South Asia meet the Indian Ocean.” — S.A.

$60. Available at studiotanais.com.

8. Make Nice Company’s Ultimate Bundle

Founder: Bonnie Yang

Gift the eco-conscious choice with Make Nice Company’s Ultimate Bundle, featuring an ultra-concentrated Solid Dish Soap that replaces up to three bottles of traditional liquid soap. Crafted in Vancouver, BC, these 100% natural, vegan, paraben-free, and palm oil-free soaps are a step towards reducing single-use plastic waste. — N.S.

$78. Available at makenicecompany.com.

9. Mount Lai The Vitality Qi LED Gua Sha Device

Founder: Stephanie Zheng

What happens when scientific therapies meets ancient wisdom? You get this high-tech device from Mount Lai. It combines gua sha with LED therapy, heat therapy and sculpting rollers for your best skin ever. — M.C.

$199. Available at mountlai.com.

10. Arrae Holiday Gift Set

Founders: Siff Haider & Nish Samantray

Natural supplement brand Arrae has quickly become a celeb fave and for good reason: they really work. Their capsules tackle everyday problems (bloat, anxiety) and come in aesthetically-pleasing packaging. For the holiday season, they’ve upped the ante and have created three ultra-chic gift sets: The Ultimate Foodie Gift Set, The Frequent Flyer Gift Set and The Social Butterfly Gift Set. Each come with two mini Arrae products and a limited-edition pill box. — M.C.

$51. Available at arrae.com.

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