Twitter Is Paying Heartwarming Tributes to AAPI Women Ahead of Kamala Harris Debate

#AAPISheRose is highlighting the strength, resilience and power of AAPI ‘sheroes’.

#AAPISheRose is highlighting the strength, resilience and power of AAPI ‘sheroes’.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons; Twitter/sarahkuhn)

by The RepresentASIAN Project
October 7, 2020

AAPI Twitter is standing in solidarity with Democratic vice-presidential candidate, Kamala Harris ahead of her debate with vice president Mike Pence.

Harris, who is making history as the first Black and South Asian American woman to run on a major political party’s presidential ticket, is set to face off against Pence on Wednesday evening at 9pm EDT at the University of Utah.

Early Wednesday morning, Twitter users began showing support for Harris, while honouring the important Asian heroines in their lives using the hashtag #AAPISheRose. The hashtag appears to have come from Daily Kos which posted a call to action to “focus on the strength, resilience and power of AAPI ‘Sheroes'” by “flood[ing] social media with positive images of strong AAPI women.”

Notable individuals such as Daniel Dae Kim, Alice Wu, Jeff Yang and Sarayu Blue were among those who shared heartwarming tributes to Asian women — from actresses, doctors, activists and trailblazers to their own family members, such as their mothers and grandmothers.

Many shared stories of their family members’ hardships, and how these women persevered to overcome the challenges they faced including discrimination, poverty, loss and inaccessible education.

Others highlighted the accomplishments trailblazing sheroes.

To see more of these tributes, check out the #AAPISheRose hashtag on Twitter.

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