Sephora Canada Launches Stunning Diwali Campaign

It’s the retailer’s first-ever campaign celebrating the Indian festival of lights.

It’s the retailer’s first-ever campaign celebrating the Indian festival of lights.

sephora diwali campaign

(Photo: Courtesy of Sephora Canada)

by Madelyn Chung
November 10, 2020

Sephora Canada is continuing with its commitment to diversity and inclusion with the launch of its first-ever Diwali campaign.

Starring Canadian influencers Ankita Bhardwaj and Thanuska Subramaniam, along with Sephora Canada Beauty Advisor Neru Yasokumar, the campaign celebrating the Indian Festival of Lights is part of the beauty retailer’s “We Belong to Something Beautiful” brand campaign. According to Sephora, the Belong campaign strives to create a space where diversity is celebrated, self-expression is honoured and all Canadians feel a sense of belonging.

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“Diwali – a day filled with love, light and laughter. A day that celebrates a new beginning. I know this year may be a lot different from the rest, but with Diwali around the corner, I think we should all use this day as a reminder for what is truly important. I urge you all to take a moment to think about everything you are grateful for and continue spreading positivity ❤️ As a South Asian dark-skinned woman who grew up not seeing many faces that looked like mine in this industry, it makes me really proud that Sephora Canada is celebrating Diwali and sharing creators’ stories of our culture and traditions. I’m obsessed with this makeup look created for their Diwali photoshoot! We used an assortment of best-selling products to create this dramatic, full glam makeup look. Some of the key products used to achieve this look were: @hourglass Glitter Eye Shadow in Scattered Light @narsissist Powder Bronzer in Laguna @sc Collection lashes in Demure @fentybeauty Gloss Bomb” – @thanuska.s — « Diwali : une journée débordante d’amour, de lumière et de rires. Une journée qui célèbre les nouveaux commencements. Je sais que cette année est très différente des autres, mais avec Diwali qui approche, je crois que nous devrions tous profiter de cette journée pour nous souvenir de ce qui est réellement important. Je vous encourage à prendre un moment pour réfléchir à tout ce dont vous êtes reconnaissant et pour continuer à propager des ondes positives ❤️ En tant que femme de couleur sud-asiatique qui a grandi en voyant peu de visages qui me ressemblaient dans l’industrie, je suis très fière que Sephora Canada souligne la fête de Diwali et partage les histoires de culture et de traditions des créateurs. Je suis obsédée par ce maquillage réalisé pour la séance photo de Diwali! Nous avons utilisé une variété de produits à succès pour créer ce maquillage totalement glamour et spectaculaire. Produits phares de ce look : Fard à paupières pailleté Scattered Light™ de @hourglass Poudre bronzante Laguna de @narsissist Faux cils Demure de @sc Brillant à lèvres Gloss Bomb de @fentybeauty » – @thanuska.s

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Ankita, Thanuska and Neru worked with Sephora to create three distinct Diwali-inspired looks using some of their favourite products sold at the retailer. For Ankita, she looked to her mother for inspiration, while Neru wanted to embrace the concept of light.

“My biggest inspiration has always been my mom. My style has always been inspired by her sense of fashion,” Ankita tells The RepresentASIAN Project. “I grew up watching my mom wear bright red lipstick and a bold liner every Diwali. So when I first started wearing makeup, my Diwali look consisted of a bright red lipstick, a thick winged liner and a shimmery gold shadow to represent the ‘Festival of Lights’!”

“To me, [the concept of Diwali] means a natural glow — light at the end of a tunnel — a look to truly bring out your inner light,” Neru tells The RepresentASIAN Project of her look.

Both Ankita and Neru say they recognize the importance of being part of national campaign that represents their culture.

“It’s truly amazing,” says Neru. “Growing up, I rarely saw people that looked like me in campaigns and always longed to look similar to somebody featured in a billboard or campaign video. Now that I am featured in Sephora’s first-ever Diwali campaign, I am honored to represent the Thamil Hindus and South Asian women that live here in Canada through Sephora’s Diwali campaign and hope to inspire those like me.”

Ankita echoed those sentiments.

“Having gone to a high school where I was one of the few South Asians and people of colour, I knew how important it was to embrace where I came from,” explains Ankita. “Since my teenage years, I’ve been on a beautiful journey to connect with my cultural roots and be proud of my identity.”

She continued, “The Sephora Canada Diwali Campaign is so important because it represents a celebration of inclusivity and diversity. South Asians are often so underrepresented in the media, and especially in the beauty/fashion industry. It’s vital for young girls to grow up seeing faces that look like theirs. It’s important for them to feel inspired, appreciated and motivated, and in turn achieve greater things in the future.”

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